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Welcome to The Lady Grey Company.

Our now 16 year old site is devoted to helping people
to reach beyond their Dreams -
To build Bridges of Acceptance & Understanding
throughout this Small Blue Planet that we call home.

{ & because some things, in the name of progress, should NOT have to change.}

Note: Be advised that this is a PG-13 site. Generally everything here is based on the idea that ALL Knowledge is Shareable & that all are welcome to Learn. As with everything in life; there should always be a written Caveat to this rule.

"Remember that knowledge is a sword against Bias,
Ignorance is not always Bliss
& that a simple idea..
can burgeon into a war without thought to the Consequences..."

Nothing that goes on my site gets there without going through my common sense screen. My links normally do not link to sites that have extreme views in any direction; although they may lead the browser to want to know more...& ultimately THAT is this website's focus.

I AM the webmistress here & I believe in my products;
& the ideas presented therein.

I am the Avatar of Change. Whereby I do my darndest to make sure that I am true
to my 100%'er's Creed; not everything that I do turns out for the best;
but I'm cognizent of the differences. And I believe that my efforts will not go unnoticed.

A Not-so-Quick History or
Then & Now:

Twenty five years ago this coming August; The Lady Grey Company; hereby known as TLG was established in Pennsylvania in 1985 as a government contractor & small business developer. I had a knack for finding people who needed small jobs done & people who had talents that were not being utilized. I simply started putting the two together & taking a 10% commission on the end billing. I then helped the hobbiests to legitimize their businesses. The name of the company came about as a mixture of military & familial pride as well as my CB "handle" or name. Prior & concurrent in 1985; I had served in the U. S. Navy both as Active duty overseas & was serving as a Reservist here in the States. I was also attending Penn State University & wanted to somehow combine my business & anthropological studies.

So TLG helps people to create a small business from a dream or an idea. TLG
became a conduit between the SBA, SCORE & real customers. In 1987 TLG became affiliated with Mystery Shopping/ Restaurant critique organizations. In our 23 years of service; we have helped over 10,580 people to start & maintain their own home businesses. In TLG's own Ongoing Expansion Process in 1991, TLG generated: LLD, UnLimited which became our Advertising division. A MAC Multi-Media Advertising Shop; LLD UnLimited specialized in Business/Calling Cards & Newspaper & Magazine Pre-press.

The Herbal Cupboard was an adjunct section of this website. I originally started working the business in 1990 in person, but it became an online entity of its own in 1996 when I realized that there were a lot of herbal products out on the market that contained fillers, dyes or preservatives. I found three companies who were devoted to offering either truely vegetarian; organic &/or reasonably pure products. The PaperLess Catalog grew out of my efforts to promote these products without hurting more trees. Through bin shipping & other innovative methods I have a way to quickly turn around both retail & wholesale orders for a variety of healthful products. Since 1996 TLG, & THC are based & licensed in Florida. 1996 also saw the start of this TLG website.

An FYI: We are ladygray.com
because ladygrey.com
is owned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain's
HRH Royal Tea Company... & they wouldn't switch!

To expand my thesis for Herbal Medicine; I decided to put more of my studies online. It resulted in an ongoing project called: The Formulary of WorldHerbs® which is a FREE interactive herbal compendium. I continue to broaden my own expertise in this area with my studies towards licensing as a Naturopathic Doctor; specializing in herbal supplements.

"IL Cuore Del Mele"

Somehow the gods/goddesses were looking my way one day in April 2001...I paid a traffic ticket; got lost looking for some land & found my tiny gem of an herbal farm. The VA loan came amazingly fast. I found the house on April 6th & I moved in by May 12th. To commemorate the new farm; I fledged the commercial wholesale/retail entity: TheHerbalCupboard.com. THC is always interested in support for herbal projects & the ongoing upkeep of the websites.

Affiliations & Success Stories:

In 1998 we started & maintain affiliate marketing contracts with Sabre's Travelocity, American Express Financial Services & Amazon.com  In 1999 we developed: speedbydesign & deathwishracing.com for a short track racer. In 2000 TLG helped start VitaStarSolutions/Telecom Service Solutions a sucessful electronics company. VAR. In July 2000; TLG developed a relationship with a Meeting, Conference & Live Production Broadcast Company called: PC Communications. TLG pursued joint Historical Research projects in Central Florida with FloridaRemembered; a small business which aided historical property conservation & the continued registration of historic marker locations. I continue working with the West Volusia Historical Society & offer various prints online at ebay to help fund their restoration & building projects. All in all, my abiding interest throughout has been to help people to maintain & improve their health in a more natural way, & I've developed recipes & formulaes over the years which are located on TheHerbalCupboard.com. website for FREE.

In May 2005, the storefront on ebay evolved from my periodic forays as a merchant there. It has really motivated me to finally start putting more herbs & herbal substances online & reduce product lines like mystery books & other things that diluted my real intentions on the web. We are The-Herbal-Cupboard on eBay. I maintain a PayPal account for those people wishing secure instant payment. I continue to improve the websites & hope that you will visit us often.

This is now 2010.

A LOT has happened. In 2003 besides being hit by a car as a pedestrian & coming back from almost complete paraplegia; I have now lost both of my mentors in herbal therapies & phytopharmaceuticals, again restarted my doctoral studies for Naturopathic Medicine, I've worked a full shift on the second Census as a Field Operations Supervisor & am moving on to the next operation for them before the Census ends for another 8 years & have begun working with new sources & making up my own formulation based on those that I've come to rely on & sell for years on end that are no longer available.

Please check out our newest experimental site called Vanetts_Yorkies.

It has a small history of a bredding group that is made up of my mom's caregiver & one of my mother's British friends. I am working on the website to give them a chance to sell their well bred & brought up Yorkie puppies.

The SBA has recognized The Lady Grey Company as having survived over 23 years in continuous business; both on & off the world wide web.

As for me, the Saggitarian behind this Site?
I am a Catalyst; And Change IS Good.

Talk about Change?
The Avatar of Change can FLY, Bounce on her Bean & survive to tell the tale:

Car = 1, Jacqueline = 0

On March 26th, 2003, I stepped off a curb at dusk after shopping;
just outside of a crosswalk on a busy street intending to cross to the median... ,
and, after looking both ways...
I proceeded to be hit by an auto & almost completely "totalled".

Luckily or not, I remember almost nothing of the accident or the next 14 days. On my right wrist is a scar that says .71 or 71% broken; which some nice emergency fellow probably wrote on me prior to my helicopter ride to ORMC Trauma where I spent over a month being "stabilized" & having even more broken parts found & repaired.
I was delivered in late April 2003 to the Winter Park branch of the VA nursing home as almost a complete paraplegic. Since then, I've been taking several herbal combinations to help heal broken bones, ripped skin &, most importantly, my broken neck/ back, ribs, wrists & leg. I made it through 1 month of critical condition & 7 long months of nursing home & rehab. My left shoulder still needs replacement surgery; the metal needs to be removed from my wrist & there is a screw loose {okay you can laugh here} in my leg that wants out big time, looks like a second knee & bruises from the inside out.
At the nursing home: they had a creative pharmacist who worked with me on my drug allergies & requests to take the herbs. Early on it was realized that if given the right kinds of opportunities; I would rehab myself to the inth degree {which included using my kayak paddles plus my quickie wheelchair around a large planter & pretending to be paddling the kayak for shoulder rehab} , I was also clocked on the manual wheelchair just using my legs at 13mph one August evening on the bike route around the nursing home by the VA police!
I've been home at the herb farm since October 20, 2003 when I walker'ed myself out of the nursing home with two wheelchairs & several canes & am recreating myself & my practical needs; recouping life, property & websites; not to mention working with mom on a weekly basis with her own lumbar stenosis medical condition.
Why was I "saved"? I tell people all the time that I believe that there was still much work to be done here that I had not finished. I represent the old ways & old ones. One of my Navy Chiefs used to say that "I'd probably be late for my own funeral!" Interesting how that almost came into play...
I cannot underestimate nor ignore the luck that follows me as the Avatar of Change. I thank each & everyone of my friends- {thank you Nede, thank you Ric Keller & staff, Thank You- Emeril's staff from CityWalk!} & friends/acquaintances for helping me through this. Luckily for the reader here; it means that all pages will most likely be better renewed on a faster basis.
My totem animals might as well be the pheonix along with the white owl & the dog/wolf & I now carry a lightening shaped scar on my foreheadas well. You never know how small a world is until you do something catastrophic in it.

Do NOT ask me about Geico® & what happens in Florida "no fault"
when the person who hits you has basic insurance. Let me just say that
I LOVE AFLAC as having it saved my farm & as far as I know...

The Social Security Disability Income folk finally came through in November after 18 months & two applications & literally two FEET of documentation; & gave me a monthly disability stipend to help me with the aftereffects of the accident. It sure comes in handy for the basic bills of running the farm & keeping me in naproxen & my fresh fruit/ vegetable & meat/grains diet. It took the help of a congressman's office & several long suffering members of support staffs to get this through. If you are going through the process, stick with it, yell loudly & don't be afraid to ask for senatorial or congressional help. Granted, I will still need to find income for about half again of what I get from them to maintain all of the bills in a current status, but at least there is something to keep those hungry wolvenfolk from the doors.

Just when you thought it was safe to come out & visit:
In April 2005, I inadvertantly tripped on some exercise equipment & squished a Brown Recluse Spider, but not before she bit me...twice... on the same poor left leg! I'm back in the wheelchair & on a cane & learning to walk all over again, minus a piece of little toe...but I persevere!
Its now 2008 & I'm looking towards an operation to remove the metal rod from my leg that lost the screw in 2005. It seems that the brown recluse spider bite venom has made me "sensitize" to the metal in my leg & cause a 25 x 28 centimeter ulcer from the front of my shin to the back of my calf. OUCH! Hopefully this will be a year of healing & change for yours truely. Thanks to the Wal-Mart Corporation for keeping the faith and helping me to pay with their insurance; for a great deal of the bills from Miami & the graft doctors, hyperbaric chamber & surgeons so far involved with my treatment.

As of March 2008 I am STILL awaiting that surgery to take out the metal & heal the wound with a graft. You would NOT believe how long doctors will make you WAIT to do things that should have been an "easy fix" months ago. But I persevere. I can only hope that I have a job at the end, but the websites will continue. Please BOOKMARK US & come back often!

Just Remember to do ONE THING for me.
When Crossing ANY street ... Look Both Ways...

TLG's Table of Contents:

Browse through our Emporium. Take what you need; BOOKMARK US & Come Back Often to see what has Evolved. Benedite.

The Herbal Cupboard-

The Natural Arts of Herbal Medicine are becoming more mainstream every day. The Herbal Cupboard has grown over the years & its webpages are more than ever tagged by browsers & eager advertisers alike; the formulary is headed for 1,700 herbs with myriad side branches of information.
THC's onus is to show how you can become an Integral part of your health team. The Herbal Cupboard helps you to understand your body's needs through Alternate Therapies; Supplements & Ideas.
 The Lady Icon shown here was first known as Isis {goddess of knowledge/ medicine; then as Hathor, the "golden one", then as Athene {goddess of warriors as well as knowledge}; also known as the Roman Minerva {goddess of knowledge & soldiers}. She is also depicted as an owl.
In many ways she is the Avatar of this entire website.

The Herbal Cupboard is devoted to Herbs & Good Health
"Dieting without a Diet; but WITH a Plan of Attack
& Other Interesting Herbal Issues.

It explains how you & Your doctor can share ideas & therapies towards keeping you healthy. Learn to change your vegetable diet to thwart arthritis. Find out about what times are good for taking various supplements. Try CFAY the Cold, Flu & Anti Yeast Infection fighting formulae - We have both medicinal & pleasant tasting ones!

Let us keep you up to date & historically accurate in the world of Herbal Supplements, Vitamins/Minerals, Tinctures & Teas with Our Interactive Formulary Pages. The Formulary will enlighten you on herbs: their vitamin/ mineral content, uses & particular emphasis in terminology that you can understand.

Look up herbal/ pharmaceutical contra indications & check out our "Ologies" pages.

Check out our latest herbal prices; order from our outstanding new order pages, buy supplements, vitamins, minerals, tea blends for health, tinctures of both alcohol and/or glycerin & save another tree at:
The PaperLess Catalog

Our Original 1996 Homepage Welcomes You-
The Lady Grey Company-

Talk about time flying. When the The Lady Grey's Product & Idea Homepage was first developed; there was only a fledgling internet with something called a world wide web. I taught almost 4,000 people what the internet was, through courses & seminars & on the job training. Now it is pervasive. The old page is interesting for the amount of links, for its basic premis & for the lack of pretentions, not that I'm particularly profusive here {sic} TLGC is a Personalized View of how & why You should Start & Maintain a website. The Lady Grey Showcase explores Various Avenues of Critical Thinking, Alternate Realms & other Fun Ways to Expand Your Mind while surfing the web. Order Virtual or Real Flowers, Play with the Icons & Utilize the Free Services.
This section also holds My Personal Motto for Life. It is called The 100%'er's Creed. Please feel free to print out a copy for yourself. It costs nothing yet means everything. I have met a great deal of wonderful people over the last few years. This Creed is given to those who I admire the most.
The cool dude with the hammer on the right is my friend "Jack". He's my "under construction" manager for the site. You'll be seeing him around.

The Library of Process, Progress {& Egress}-

Live, Love, Laugh. Verbs to Strive for. Welcome to My Library.

I am The FireSignLady: WebMistress & Keeper of This Library.
A Vivacious & Voracious Absorber of New Technologies, Ideas & Ways to Combat the Mundane.
Those who know me can attest to my Capacity to Sparkle

The Library of Process, Progress {& Egress} Will Expand Your Horizons. Learn the particulars behind Designing; Building & Marketing Home Businesses & Websites. Access Alternate Points of View on a Variety of Subjects; Enjoy Life & Promote Your Physical & Mental Well Being. Quicken Your Pulse; Create Words where there were none before. Use Your Mind. Come; read awhile & enjoy the atmosphere. Or Use The Library as a Portal through CyberSpace to link out to Places to Meditate & or simply hitchhike your way out of this Galaxy.

This Section will be known as :The Library of Process/Progress...
{as well as egress, if you ask me...}

This is the melting pot of stuff that has caught my eye & captured my heart on the Internet. Gift seeking people can find that "perfect" but out of the ordinary gift...Where looking for the alternative Anything can be found without going through endless search engines. You'll find erzatze & erudite music, adventurer's paths, new career outlets with the help of SeekCareersNow, Services, Nifty Net Ideas, for both the Addicted & the beginner, Art for art's sake or just plain fun... & a walk on the wild side every now & again. We even tell you how to get there via Travelocity or better yet; show you with: Travelocity Dream Maps. & how to safely & economically use American Express travel cards.

Soon there will also be a link to the DeLand Artist Laureate Frances Deeb-Loffman & the renderings/watercolor'ed art that has become a part of DeLand's pictorial History. Watch out for Stetson University, DeLand Landmarks & Historical Buildings prints, post/ note cards & Calendars which support The West Volusia Historical Society. Special orders on Watercolor/ renderings of your special current or old family home can be had with an email contact.

We welcome all anthropologists, archeologists & dwellers of the cyberlilypond...hop on over!

Permission to Come aboard, Welcome, Bienvenuto, Shalom, Mi casa es su casa...'SLainte!

We are especially proud to support Small Business People;
both Locally & Internationally.
You are always welcome to buy the Products shown; however; much of what is here is
FREE for the Reading, Linking or Downloading.
We offer secure web credit card & check transactions through Kagi.com
which is a wonderful service from S.K. Nethery & Company of California. We are also merchants at eBay.com since 2000 and will be offering payment alternatives on The Herbal Cupboard.com such as Paypal & Google checkout {later in 2008}.

A different type of luck.
Want or Need or Wish for something or Lost something that seems Impossible to Find?

Try this interesting prayer for 9 days. When I worked at a community newspaper in Virginia; I was constantly either putting the entire wording in or doing the thank you publications in the classifieds. When it works for you; email us here at the website. In personal history & that of others; I have seen this thing work time & time again. You don't have to be of a particular faith to use it. I'll provide the thank you publication when you email me.

The Saint Jude's Novena

Do You Like What You've Read So Far? Help us to Make more new Friends-
We would certainly like other people to come visit us here. Know of any who would be interested? Please use this link to recommend that other people come to visit. There is no cost & no additional "things" will come to your mailbox...

Winds Of Change:

The entire compendium of pages that makes up this website undergoes periodical experiments in color, content & layout. Please Email us with suggestions, ideas & or other ways to clarify, expand or change our site so that we may offer you a well rounded exercise for your mind; spirit & body. If we've moved or deleted something that helped you or expanded your awareness a little more, let us know...& we'll retrieve it from our growing archives.

Every year We keep talking about a logo for TLG & LLD. Lotsa people say they'll do it & then....Poof! No logo. Well...we're working on it...yet again.

Please check out our newest experimental site called Vanetts_Yorkies.

It has a small history of a bredding group that is made up of my mom's caregiver & one of my mother's British friends. I am working on the website to give them a chance to sell their well bred & brought up Yorkie puppies.