inner sanctum #4, 2004

The Library
of Process/ Progress...
& Egress

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Ahhhh, The Library. One of my favorite places...
Read the books, drape myself on all the chairs & the desks, the floor...
Some pillows, a quill or two...

A place to gain knowledge; read books that my mother never thought of saying that I shouldn't... well... So far I've not come across a biting book; BUT there's always hope.

I have always been of the opinion that 3/4's of a site should be focussed on various goals, but that one quarter of a site should be devoted to sheer whimsy. Luckily or unluckily as one might have it; The Lady Grey Product & Idea Showcase abounds with things that may not automatically SEEM to be related to each other but really work together to provide an integrated idea. That leaves us with this page which, of course, true to form, is in NO PARTICULAR ORDER...

This will either infuriate you or cause you to wander the corridors of cyberspace...
Leaping from one interesting idea to another. Think of it as a lilypad in a cyberpond.
In any case it will invite feedback:
The Library of Process/Progress Feedback at
My hope is that it will also cause smiles across the miles. Thank you for coming to visit...
Stay awhile & visit with us...pull out a chair; sit back & enjoy...

Okay, before anything else is said;
The Library is Under Re-Construction:

You DO remember Jack, don't you?

The first thing I noticed this time was that IE reads things differently.
Obviously this is going to take some TIME to make it look RIGHT
Sorry about the dust coming out of your speakers...they needed cleaning anyway
So....this is July 2004. I've got some mega link re-searching/ locating to do.
All those substitutions of associate membership links & all.
So bear with the Webmystress here & she shall reward thee...
{hey, it ain't like waving a wand & saying "Obliviate!"}

The Herbal Cupboard-

The Natural Arts of Herbal Medicine are becoming more mainstream every day. The Cupboard has grown by leaps & bounds. The formulary of WorldHerbs® is approaching 1,000 listings with myriad side branches of information. THC's onus is to show how you can become an Integral part of your health team. It explains how you & Your doctor can share ideas & therapies towards keeping you healthy.The Herbal Cupboard helps you to understand your body's needs through Alternate Therapies; Supplements & Ideas. Learn to change your vegetable diet to thwart arthritis. Find out about what times are good for taking various supplements. Try CFAY the Cold, Flu & Anti Yeast Infection fighting formulae - We have both medicinal & pleasant tasting ones!

The Lady Icon shown here was first known as Isis {goddess of knowledge/ medicine; then as Hathor, the "golden one", then as Athene {goddess of warriors as well as knowledge}; also known as the Roman Minerva {goddess of knowledge & soldiers}. She is also depicted as an owl.

In many ways she is the Avatar of this entire website.

The Herbal Cupboard is devoted to Herbs & Good Health
"Dieting without a Diet; but WITH a Plan of Attack
& Other Interesting Herbal Issues.

Let us keep you up to date & historically accurate in the world of Herbal Supplements, Vitamins/Minerals, Tinctures & Teas with Our Interactive Formulary Pages. The Formulary will enlighten you on herbs: their vitamin/ mineral content, uses & particular emphasis in terminology that you can understand.

Look up herbal/ pharmaceutical contra indications & check out our "Ologies" pages.

Check out our latest herbal prices; order from our outstanding new order pages & save another tree at:
The PaperLess Catalog

A Nosegay, a Bouquet, a lapel carnation, a single Rose, a flower for the teacher,
just to say "I love you", God Bless America & keep the coffee hot for me,
Get well soon, Hi - I miss you!, "Ooops forgot the .... "
One perfect daisy, I saw these & thought of you...

One of the nice things about the web is that it can get you OUT of so much trouble
while you're busily finding ways to get INTO trouble.
So as a "save me" service to our surfing public:   The Library presents -

For those times when you wake up & ITS THE DAY
{anniversary, birthday or other MAJOR holiday!?!}

Endear & Redeem Yourself with a:

Virtual Bouquet of Flowers

Real Flowers are just a secondary mousie click away. All types provided.
Quick, Courteous & Beautiful Arrangements via the net to save your proverbial.

Own Your Own Piece of Family History
Frances Deeb-Loffman-
DeLand's WaterColor Artist Laureate-

Does Paintings of Historic Homes, University Campus Buildings & Properties.
Trained at the prestigious Pratt Institute of Commercial Art & Brooklyn Poly Tech; Frances Deeb Loffman graduated to become one of America's first Draftswoman Engineers. Although not directly sworn in by the Military; Frances served her country by working at Sperry Gyroscope as their first-ever Pictorial Draftswoman Engineer.
In the past 40 years; Frances has continued to redefine her art studies with lessons from Whitney, Pike & Terry Madden. Since moving to Florida in 1993; she has taught at several locations in Florida including the WMCA & has been voted president of the West Volusia Artists Association a time or two. She has won multiple prizes, awards & special awards.
To see some of Frances' work you can go & visit the outdoor murals dotting DeLand's cityscape & inside the FISH building as a welcome to the Mainstreet Association's offices. Prints of her watercolors hang in several nursing homes as memory aids to older residents. Frances' paintings have graced the covers of many a Hurricane Emergency Guide as well as having been used by the American Cancer Society to support their charitable functions. She has done calendar & print signings at The Volusia County Fair & other events, to support various functions such as the Great Bowls of Fire Chili Cookoff held in July.
Soon prints, cards & calendars of the art that has become a part of DeLand's History will be available online.. Watch out for Stetson & DeLand Landmarks & Historical Buildings prints, post/ note cards & Calendars, benefiting The West Volusia Historical Society.
Special orders on Watercolor/ renderings of your special current or old family home by appointment only. Interested? Contact the artist:DeLand Artist Laureate

Do You Love Celtic Music?

Ever wonder what would happen
If You mixed Norse & Celtic Music from all over Europe,
Stirred the Brew with an eclectic mix of acoustic & electronic instruments
With An Educated & Refined bunch of Ensemble, Solo & Duo Artists
& then turned it loose in America? Its called:


Tempest currently consists of Ariane Cap, Lief Sorbye, Michael Mullen,
Ronan Carroll & Adolfo Lazo. They travel all over the country to perform at:
Concerts, Festivals, Highland & Celtic Events.
The {getting to be massive} Discography    Will have you positively & unabashedly dancing in your livingroom & bopping in your vehicle! Check out: TEMPEST
Also look for Caliban  &  The Fiddler's Page
Please Tell them that the Florida Herbalist sent ya.

We'd Like to introduce you to a NIFTY site called

Its for Adventurers & the Optomistic at Heart.
When you click on the site; go to the downloadable section to listen to an audio tape that will help you to understand about Creating your own Destiny & the Ability to Achieve your goals.
The Site is great fun & joining is but a matter of email.
This link will get you there first.
'Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams'
Not only did I enjoy it; but I TOOK IT TO HEART
Now I understand that my peace of mind rests with me as long as I believe in myself.
I TOOK the STEP knowing that I would be successful.
Thank You Mike Dooley.

Read M. Declan Dunn's WebBusinessLetter
Tell him I said hi...

M. Declan Dunn has informative & innovative ideas
available to you at the touch of a keyboard...
He's always willing to share new & upcoming topics
& he's a MAC afficionato as well... {my kinda fellow}.

This website was proudly built using Macintosh based Hardware & Software.

Shareware downloaded from TuCows is invaluable to a webmaster/mystress. Don't forget to register your shareware & help keep the cost of innovation down for us small businesses. Visit Jerry Aman's Optima System software site & read about what PageSpinner can do for your Mac Based web dreams...

Hosting for all of the sites is done by the geniuses at

They have completely affordable website packages. Read their FAQs and if you decide to build a site with them; remember to tell them that sent ya...

Hosted By Dreamhost

FTP {File Transfer Protocols}
Or How Do You get files onto the server for the website?

For years I was tied to using a PC to upload all of my files because of an ftp program {called, by the way; cuteftp®} that allowed me to both download & up load files to the server that houses my website. There just didn't seem to be an interface built that would allow a MAC the same ease of use...
Then I found two enterprising young men in Australia had not only built us an ftp {file transfer protocol} that was easy to use...but it also incorporates "drag & drop"... {which is that nifty little idea that allows you to put files and/or documents from one place to another on your computer's desktop as well as within your web sites directories.}
Now you can move whole files into places on a server that could take you up to three moves in some of the PC based ftp programs.
The product is called NetFinder®. & can be downloaded from the aforementioned & wonderful Again it is not totally free but you can use it for a while to try it out. Products like these are what keep us in the MAC world a fellowship of researchers & good folk... versus what we could call a great deal of nameless PC programmers out there...


Not all is work, work, work at this location...
Have you heard of: Serendipitous Advancement of the Id?
That's when you find something on a site that reminds you of someone special.
Those Reminders play a big part in keeping people's hearts in touch...
& a happy internet enthusiast is someone I like to see at this site...often...

Wow, Jack & I have some work to do to get this Library in Order.

By the way - Just a note to all of my long suffering friends.

Thank you for your loving support for all of these years that this site has been up.
A Note to the Wise: Friends are treasures who's advice can NEVER be replaced by overrated F.A.Q.'s.
{This does not mean that you have to "listen" to them all the time but...

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We Believe Strongly in the DUCK.
After an unexpectedly Catastrophic Accident happened last March 2003.
AFLAC saved our Business, Farm & Finances

Where would you be without the safety net of The DUCK?


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By this time you should have some ideas about what you do & don't like about this newly designed page. Drop me a line or two, won't you? & promise to keep plugging away just like Jack is. Email me with any suggestions: Drop Me a Line in my DreamBook


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Count Yourself Lucky. We thank you for joining us.

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