Edition #14

July 2004

Featured Artist:

nIK Scott, New South Wales, Australia

nIK Scott is a freelance cartoonist & illustrator. In the past 20 years; his work has popped up in many Australian newspapers, magazines & books as well as our NEW YORKER magazine & several other well known periodicals..

Cran and Lerma has been running weekly on the web since 1993 &, oddly, remains a popular feature. It has appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Melbourne Age, The Australian & Applenews. The strip gleefully embraces net fads & foibles. Much of it features Lerma as the net aficionado & Cran as her long suffering foil. Not to mention..the best...web wandering dog you will ever meet...

Nik is always looking for new outlets for his work. He improves upon his collections of published materials & wouldn't mind creating new interest in the U.S. I hope to have him contributing many an article & MORE CARTOONS to EnergyWorks! staring in September 2004.


In 2000 Nik Scott tied the knot with his longtime sweetie; Slavka...I understand that it was a little Church in the Bush that did the ceremony; with the reception afterwards being held on a long table at a winery. In 2004 nIK & Slavka have been creating on other than newsprint; there may be something new brewing downunder, but we'll have to wait on nIK to provide those details.

Keep in touch with these pages & 'toons. Nik has promised me that he will send updates & update the above 'toon as well.... I am also particularly fond of Nik since he uses a MAC to perform his webtoon miracles.


He has given me permission to run a sampling of his cartoons here at this website & given me a chance to run my FAVORITE dog 'toons...which is how I found him in the first place...

"On the 'net, nobody knows you're a dog..."

Current Happenings or Just What time is it Now in the DownUnder?

Nik welcomes email anytime from fans & publishers alike...I look forward to working with him through the next 45 years or so... If you would like to get in touch with Nik Scott you will notice that he is not shy... his email address is located on all of the 'toons.

The Lady Gray Co. & LLD, UnLimited are sponsoring Nik Scott's work here in the States in the hopes of locating a Syndicated Outlet; so that more people can enjoy his erzazte humor.

If you have contacts with one or ARE one; please feel free to contact Nik & let him know that you saw some of his stuff here....thanks...

Nik Scott's Web'toons

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