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This page is dedicated to those hardworking individuals
who are trying to get ahead in this world; only to come in & find out that their jobs are being "absorbed" or "relocated"... without them...

Having "been there & done that" one too many times myself...
I decided to put up printable; decent resumes on their own identifiable webpages-

This allows you to go out onto the web; find position announcements / recruiters or other "boards" & be able to offer a beautiful resume instead of a text version "cut & pasted" onto some box in a giant reservoir of interested people...

Just as a prospective employee in an interview or a job fair can hand out a hard copy resume; you can now refer a recruiter/human resources manager {either over the phone or through the net}; to a specific website with your resume available in a well laid out
& printable format.

Having a specifc site also gives you the ability to register the site with various search groups; all over the world or restricted to just one State or region. Or we here at LLD,UnLimited will do it for you.

And, Once you have found a position or career that you like; you can transition your site to a personal website

{with some restrictions, of course}

If you think that this is a good idea:

This site is ready for resumes & recruiters. If you know someone who would like their resume here...tell them to email us at : SeekCareersNow

Resumes will be Available in the following Careers:

Human Resources:(1) ; Management(1) ; Professional, Administrative, Customer Services,
Medical, Nursing, EMT, Alternate Practitioners
& Technical/Logistical Support Services
Computers, Software, Hardware; Tech Support, Help Desk, Systems Administrators;
Financial & Insurance: Information Systems Managment & Support,
Records & Returns, Policy Owners Services, Customer Support, Administration, Training & Facilitation: (1)
And many others...
Along with:

The "Soon-to-be-named" Super Careerist

If you are Multi-Talented Individual; Cross trained in gazillions of fields & you don't like to be locked into one or another locations....LLD,UnLimited is developing a special section just for you....Haven't named it yet..but it will be here.


The cost is quite simple. It is a $35 per page fee to put the resume onto your own addressed site & $5 to take it off or change it to reflect a new job/ training. This cost will almost offset the space used for one month by your page...

You will also receive three "Master" pages that you can use to print off your own resumes. I will put the resume on a MAC/IBM disk formated in the simplest formatting for both IBM/MAC so that you can print off & change your resumes to fit each job as needed.

Help us save time by having your resume on less than two pages if at all possible. When you look at how much money you can save by not having to mail out these resumes {postage, paper, envelopes} the economy plus the versitility versus initial cost becomes clear.

The resume will automatically come off in 6 months unless you email us for an extension.

I'd Like to do this NOW

What You Need to Have Ready:

You also have a responsibility to maintain an email address where you can be reached. Telephone numbers & street addresses will not be put on the resumes for security's sake. An email address will be listed for Recruiters.

A "Postbox" email address instead of your personal one-

You should get yourself a "postbox" email address to protect your own personal server address. A good "postbox" free provider is: BIGFOOT FOR LIFE They will register you & provide you with a means to "scan for spam" before it reaches you. If you are careful with the registration {don't put any personal data or your street address/phone # in there either} you should have no intrusive information reaching your personal internet address.

If a recruiter is interested in you; he or she will have to email you with their company information & what kinds of jobs that they are looking to fill. They will typically request your telephone number or give you a telephone number so that you can call them.


Please make sure to look at any email location before giving anyone your personal information; check the recruiter's company; their location; call & ask how long the recruiter has worked for the company; &
A FEE TO YOU for finding YOU a job.

There are plenty of legitimate "headhunters" & agencies out there who get their income from the various companies looking for employees...don't be caught short;
before you go on an expensive waste of time/ interview.

A Quick & Informative Response saves time-

You should have a template email letter saved somewhere on your browser that explains your salary history; what kinds of positions that you are looking for & your travel specifications {ie.whether you will travel domestically or abroad..how many days per month}; how far you are willing to commute from your home to work; what types of compensation you will accept & when you can start a position or when you will be ready to interview/ what notice you will need to go to an interview.
This way it will be ready to be sent out as a reply in the quickest fashion.

Click here if I'd REALLY Like to do this NOW.

This site will continue to grow.

But Creativity is a Fleeting event at this location
Especially when the Bass are running!
Honestly... If you have a resume in to be posted; it should be done this weekend & a specific site address will be sent to your current email address.

We are grateful to PSS Internet Services; once & future of Daytona Beach, FL for their continued support & technical advice... & we wish them all the best in their current endevours...

I have found some interesting things since I've been surfing on the Net...
One of the locations that is always looking for "new blood"...is Australia...
Have we got a resume service for you...
You can register with these folk as well as visit their website & learn about careers & job possibilities in Australia, New Zealand & other places in the "down-under"...as well as do a surprisingly well rounded job search in the U.S.
Many North American companies register their job requirements with off shore websites simply to have the best shot at picking up the kind of adventuresome spirit that seems to be fleeing America in droves.

USA Search Engine
Multiple Word Search United States International
Enter Your Words:
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This Hours latest International or Whats New This Hour or Home Page
Click here to visit AAA America Announce Archive
Email and Feedback to:aaa.matilda@usa.net

Click Here to utilise This Search Engine FREE of charge on your own site!

We have a whole list of links out that you can use to register yourself with various job search engines in & around the United States.

Make Sure to Visit
http://www.careerpath.com to cut & paste your resume onto their United States Search Engine for resumes.
It works with regional newpapers to pick out ads that concur with your qualifications. It is sort of like a super job agent working for you...{sure, there are still glitches in their program; but it is a nice service that is going to get better; Just like US!}

Please feel free to link out to these folk...but make sure to bookmark SeekCareersNow before you go.... Thanks...

If you are interested in putting your resume here....
You are an Employer looking for Employees....
Stay Tuned....

We're working on it!

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