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Why E-Tickets?


A New Way to Book Your Own Travel Plans

Air Travel, Cruises,
Local & Exotic Vacations
& Your Company's Business Travel
From Your Own Computer

Choose the Right Time Schedules &
the Right Price From the Same Source
that millions of Travel Agents depend on daily.

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Check Fares

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Book a Flight

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Sit Where You WANT to.

Take 3 Frequent Traveler's tips from this WebMistress:

*1 Book Your Own Flights.

This is the only way I will fly. I make the reservations on my own MAC {Y2K compliant} computer at home or from my terminal at work {on break of course!}. I have found great deals; flown direct flights at times that I WANTED to fly & gotten awesome travel mile bonuses as well. I have also met wonderful people; gotten upgrades when I least expected them & found that E-Tickets are less hassle all the way around.

*2 Always Wear a Tilley Hat on all Adventures Near or Far.

You Never know where you are going to meet up with another admirer of AWESOME travelwear.

What should the 3rd Tip be....? How about...

IF you are going to travel to somewhere New...
READ A BOOK About It First!!!!

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Are you a Frequent Flyer?

Bonus! Earn 1,500 Extra Award Miles On Travelocity

Bonus! Earn 1,500 Extra Award Miles On Travelocity